CulinAire Systems, Inc. has many years of experience working directly with Utilities, third-party program implementers, and municipalities to provide you with customized financing, incentives, and rebates. Leave the paperwork to us! For information on the following programs, or to find out what might be available in your Utility service area, please contact us directly.

GreenVent Program

The GreenVent for Energy Efficient Kitchens Program provides rebates for the purchase and installation of Melink Intelli-Hood® controls. Intelli-Hood® controls modulate the speed of the exhaust, and make up air fan motors, with variable frequency drives (VFD's) based on the temperature of exhaust air and the presence of any effluent, smoke or steam, in the air stream. When kitchens are not operating at full capacity the Intelli-Hood control scales back the Horsepower necessary to remove exhaust. If you are a PG&E customer, the GreenVent program provides custom incentive levels depending on your specific business category. Whether you are a Corporate Campus, Restaurant, Supermarket, or Hotel this program has a custom rebate for you.

CasinoGreen Program

The CasinoGreen Program provides energy efficiency retrofits to Native American-owned casinos and other non-residential related facilities within the PG&E service territory. California tribal gaming casinos are uniquely positioned to achieve significant energy savings through efficiency upgrades. In many cases, casinos and their lodging facilities operate 24 hours a day and in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Innovative system upgrades, like the Melink Intelli-Hood control system, make these facilities as efficient as possible.

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